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Jul. 18, 2019

Fire! Clash! Obliterate!
Exciting Car Battle Royal!!!
BATTLE & CRASH is a Car Battle Action Game
in which you take out car after car in a
battle royal to achieve victory.

Compete for unique Rifles, Missiles,
Lasers, and clash and take out your enemies
in an ultimate battle royal!
This game contains 3 game modes: "Battle League",
"Team Battle", and "Survival".
All game modes can be played by up to 4 Players.
Battle League
8 cars clashing with full force!
Play 5 Stages in a row and compete in overall
Team Battle
Clash in a 4 vs. 4 Team Battle!
You can freely choose Stages, Time Limits,
Revival Restrictions,
and switch whether Items and Main Weapons appear
in the Stage ON, or OFF. 
A full-on 15 car brawl!
15 cars battle it out to be the last one remaining.
Genre: Action


© SIMS Published by Starsign

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