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Nov. 29, 2018

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Animals on the island have been infected with an unknown virus!
Shoot down the infected animals and restore peace to the island!


■ Story
We know that the virus infecting the animals can also be transferred to humans. Unfortunately the only way to protect the island from this plague is to destroy all of the infected animals. Some animals may try to attack you. Will you survive your mission and see harmony restored to the island?


■ Game Overview
This is a FPS in which you wipe out infected animals wandering around forests, farms and golf courses within the time limit.
Use the four different types of weapon (rifle, shotgun, air rifle and grenade), to be as quick and efficient as possible in your mission.


■ Game Modes
- Single play
Play all 6 missions.
Normal and hard modes available.

- Co-op play
Slaughter the infected animals with family and friends.
Can be played by sharing the Joy-Con.

- Shooting Gallery
A mini game mode where you need to destroy all of the targets within the time limit.
There are five levels of difficulty available.

Genre: FPS


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